an stiuideo fiain

an stiúidéo fiáin means the wild studio (or rather, the studio wild)  in Irish Gaelic and has been the core name that Catherine has been working under for many years. 

Please go to to see more of this aspect of Catherine's world. 

ดนตรีป่า music forest is the new umbrella for the work of Catherine Thompson and in reality is simply a further evolution of an stiúidéo fiáin and of what has been her primary focus for many years.

note from Catherine: Indeed the Thai word ปๅ (pronounced bpa) for forest or woods I do believe can also mean wild, so there is even a link in words with an stiúidéo fiáin where fiáin can mean wild, feral or uncultivated. All three words of which applies well to my work and outlook on life.

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