the sun and the wind

The Sun and the Wind is a project that revolves around Catherine's long distance solo rides on horseback through the western Canadian plains. An essential part of these rides was to travel through as much native fescue grassland as possible. 

From 2011 to 2013 during the spring and summer, Catherine rode solo with two horses (saddlehorse Dakota & packhorse Nahanni, Coco then Juniper) from central Saskatchewan south close to the edge of the Montana border then headed west through Grasslands Nat'l Park following the Frenchman River to the Cypress Hills area down towards the Milk River, Writing on Stone and a number of 100,000 acre
   ranches of mostly native fescue grassland towards Cardston, Alberta. From there she went west towards Waterton Nat'l Park north towards Pincher Creek, into the Porcupine Hills, following the cowboy trail into Kananaskis country to the Bow River near Seebe. From there she headed back south through the same regions but following different paths for the most part, finally to end at the southern edge of the Porcupine Hills at Windy Coulee Ranch. This ride took her close to 2500 map kilometres, further on the ground. Incredible vast lands, incredible spirited people, a witness to the diminishing grasslands of the southern Canadian plains.

These grasslands, the old growth forest of the plains are almost gone in north america. It is essential that these lands be preserved and increased and in spite of the dire situation, Catherine met many people and organisations in these areas who are working to save this great great land.

For Catherine, a search for a new or perhaps old way to be on the land, on the earth, with time, with people, with beloved companion horses.
During 2013/14 Catherine will be taking a  
break from her long rides to work on music, lyrics and writing inspired by this journey. Thinking in the long term, Catherine has a thought for a long ride through northern Thailand, through the great foothills of the himalayas that walk through that part of the world and this would be in junction with the shift that ดนตรีป่า music forest represents.

photos that have Catherine in them by Duane Starr 
... the rest by Catherine

You can read more about Catherine's rides on her blog -
 ดนตรีป่า  music forest is the new umbrella for the work of Catherine Thompson

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