I have some you tube videos up with a bunch from my ride last spring/summer. Please go to
to have a look see.

The Fox appears within her Burrow... and Looks to see the Morning Sun glow upon the Cliffs to the East that fall down to the River that flooded his Banks on the Shortest Night of the Year

A solo performance piece. It was performed at the final concert of the Fall music residency on December 6, 2013 in Rolston Recital Hall at The Banff Centre.
The background sound of 'wind in grass' was recorded and mixed in 2012. I am playing one of my self-built Tsugaru Shamisens here and costumed up the yingyang including a 'fox' mask made with beaver fur and smoke tanned dearskin.

The piece starts in silence and darkness. The background wind sound fades up and maintains itself throughout, the lights fade up and you can see a small movement in my hand. This movement was occurring during darkness which the audience could subtly see but it is not visible in the video itself. I have edited this video down a little to tighten things up - less darkness at the beginning (it was a full minute in the performance) and no applause, though I can assure you, it was thunderous ;-)

This piece was very much inspired by a place in SW Alberta, NE of Pincher Creek on the SW corner of the Pikani Reserve. It is a place that I would camp for months at a time in temperatures from -15 to +30 with winds that would often top 100km/hr. with my camp close to Beaver Creek I would wake in the morning and gaze upon a cliff side often with the company of horses and deer. At the end of September 2013 there was even a cougar with it's kill a couple of hundred yards away.
Such a beautiful place and this piece really is in honour of it.

With Katelyn Clark on Harpsichord performed live in Rolston Hall at The Banff Centre. Such great fun. A couple of weeks before this performance, when I had just finished making my tsugaru shamisen, Kate asked me if I would like to do some shamisen/harpsichord playing together. Of course  I said, sure!, and we had a bunch of great playing sessions together with Kate suggesting some old 12th century european pieces and we basically just went ahead and jammed on them. This piece in particular fit really well on my shamisen fingers and a few days before the friday night concert, we decided to dive in and perform it. A Banff Centre highlight for me no doubt!

Special thanks to Luciane Cardassi ( for the video. video made by Eric Beug (objekd) 
A lovely short video that was shot in the summer of 2010 when I was at Trails End Ranch in Saskatchewan. Eric Beug, a filmmaker with (I had some instruments for sale through etsy. That's how they found me) came all the way from Brooklyn to spend a couple of days with his cameras to film my work and such, specifically about making bone flutes. Here is a link to the video where you will find some photos and words from

Process: Bone Flutes with Catherine Thompson from Etsy on Vimeo.
The Bankhead Project
A short video From the Bankhead Project performed in July 2009 in Bankhead (near Banff) Alberta Canada. Please go for more information
Performer/Composers: Luciane Cardassi, Erin Donovan, Katherine Duncanson, Sonya Freebold, Sadie Freeman, Colin Funk, Emilie LeBel, Katie Mee, Catherine Thompson, Camille Watts
Pidgoyomon – Pidgoyomon, and egg of sand productions is a collaborative creation of Terri Hron & Catherine Thompson. The videos represented below are from the premiere performance presented on Sunday March 8 2009 in Rolston Hall at The Banff Centre. Please go to for more information including writings about process and performance experiences.
Pidgoyomon - recorder/bone flute intro
The piece begins in darkness with Terri and Catherine at the back of the hall walking from opposite sides meeting together on stage.

Created by Terri Hron and Catherine Thompson in the winter of 2009 at The Banff Centre, Banff, Canada. Premier performance, Rolston Hall, March 8 2009.
Terri Hron - voice, recorders, piano, cora, percussion, bone flute
Catherine Thompson - voice, coras, n'gonibanjo, guitar, bone flutes, percussion
Stage management - Julie Fournier, Banners - Michael Markowski
Pidgoyomon - recorder/bone flute intro to we walked forever to find some water
from the recorder/flute opening we move to the first song.
I hold in my hand an egg of sand
we walked forever to find some water
the water in the river had slowed to a shiver
the water I held in my hand was this egg of sand
The sun released has taken all the water
and all that is left is in this egg of sand
that I hold in my hand that I give to you
so that you might stand so that you might remember
Pidgoyomon - Terri looped recorder solo to pigeon talk

Terri continues on her own with a session with recorder and looping pedals, Catherine continuing with a Wikipedia description of the passenger pigeon.
Pidgoyomon - Martha
Martha, the last passenger pigeon. She died September 1 1914 in Cincinatti Ohio, USA
martha when grandpa died
i felt my father's tears
all through the night
all through the night
martha when my dad died
i felt my own tears
all through the night
all through the night
martha when my mom dies
martha when sister dies
martha when children die
martha when children die
martha when they all died
could you feel my tears
all through the day
all through the night
Pidgoyomon - Imagine i
The final song of the passenger pigeon section
imagine i /imagine i
am i the world/am /iwhere do i
where do i/do i begin
do i
with me without the world/with you but not a part
of it of you
a part but not with you/with the world without me
where are we?
imagine us/imagine us
are we the world/are we
where do we/where do we
do we begin/do we
with us without the world/with you but not a part
of it of you
a part but not with you/with the world without us
where are we? must i break free
break free am i /the world (imagine a world)
Pidgoyomon - Coyote
Contemplating the harshness of modern industrial civilisation, with Terri on recorder and electronics and Catherine on electric guitar.
trick trick trickster/monster/monster trickster
stir stir/let/let me/let me in
your belly/let me into/your heart/where your soul is
trick trick trickster/fire in the belly/stir stir
shaving your heart/slices so thin
you don't notice the walls/have no substance/or soul
monster/they will run out/dispose centripitally
dig in their roots/the moment ground hits
stir stir/fire in the belly
trick trick trickster
where is/you soul
in your heart/your belly
let me in
let me
monster trickster
Pidgoyomon - Will you be mine
The beginning of the Salmon section, the threatened, the last refuge for a way .. an old way? a new way?
will you be my love
will you be mine
i've been away so long
i've been a fool
you lay dying
i looked away
you held the answer
could i not see
that you did call me
that you did say
will you be my love
will you be mine
Pidgoyomon - Tree feeding
The dying salmon feed the trees at the upper reaches of the rivers. Blocked by dams, the salmon can no longer reach their spawning grounds to lay their eggs and allow their bodies to feed the forest.
my body will feed you/my body tired and shredded
will help you live
to tell the story of how/my life is your life
and you will grow so/tall and long in time
my body /my body will feed you
my short life /in this water
will be within you/and my children, my children
will remember/where to come back
to find you
i promise all this/but i cannot find you anymore
it is now lost to me
Pidgoyomon - Salmon of knowledge

Salmon of knowledge? Salmon of wisdom? We have emraced the love of knowledge but our wisdom seems bereft and unbalanced.
Pidgoyomon - Epilogue

A prayer, a keening.
Pidgoyomon - Whale riding to finish 
riding the whale
its skin glistens
warm tender
comfort without foothold
joyfully bareback
take me back to safe waters
stripped yet
clothed in my nakedness
shame floats in our wake
i cannot see where you begin
or where you end
perhaps there is none
and i am riding a whale that
goes on forever
melting into the landscape
seamlessly weaving
a warp of hope

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