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Hello! I now have a dedicated Instrument making site in addition to this more general blog about living in Thailand. You can find it here: 
Please come visit!

A major aspect of ดนตรีป่า music forest is instrument building. The instruments that I make are a direct expression of my desire to find an ever deepening connection with the wild natural world. They exist fully as artistic expressions in themselves, as sculptures and whether they be simple in concept or complex, they are all conceived and created with the same meticulous craftsmanship and deep focus. They are all beautiful to me.

I often make my instruments with rawhide sounding surfaces as the starting point incorporating gourds/calabash and wood as instrument bodies and bone, wood, brain/smoke tanned deer, moose and elk hides and other materials from the wild in other aspects of their construction

As I get my new studio set up over the coming year or two, I will focus on the construction of two instruments, Kora and Tsugaru Shamisen. These are the two instruments that I've been playing and composing with the most of late in my own music making. Very different instruments that originate from very different parts of the world that have a spirit that links them together vitally for me.

As time goes on I will, no doubt, continue to explore other instrument ideas both from around the world and my own imagination. Below, you will find links to image galleries of some of the instruments that I have made, some for sale and some not, as well as a short description.

My workshop will not be specifically electricity dependant. I generally use hand tools in my work and will continue to do so. I may have some minimal power tools at hand (or may not) but the lack of electricity will not affect the making of instruments. 

The long term plan is to set up connections with various instrument dealers in North America to carry my instruments as I make them but, as always, I will accept  commissionsions on an ongoing basis. 

If you would like me to make an instrument for you either from what you see here or from your own ideas, please email me at

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