Monday, April 25, 2016

Water gathering again

Water water. We all need it.
I was back up filling my 10-1 lt. bottles of water today. It's VERY dry all over Thailand at the moment and even here (as in even way up here in the mountains where things are still green and there are small streams. One of neighbours calls the lowlands 'the desert'!) the source for the water that gets piped to the houses in our group has run dry. Luckily there is still enough of a trickle to get water for drinking and I truly love the walk there.
I am really fortunate where I live as there is a stream right beside the house that is still running and later today, I went to one of the villages down the mountain to get some biggish buckets and so now I have three of those in the house for washing dishes one for the washroom. I love love love the place that I am living in but when I first got here to look at the house 2 years ago, it was the stream that sent bells ringing. It's hard to say where and how rainfall will shift all over the world and the fact that I (and all my neighbours) have water near at hand is so amazing and, again, fortunate.

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