Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Leaving Bangkok into Khao Yai Nat'l Park

Now settled in at Khao Yai Nat'l Park.
After a somewhat harrowing ride out of Bangkok, the success of which had a great deal to with my brother Michael what with getting around a blocked intersection, him taking over my manual bike until we got into calmer roads and the general good feeling of getting a fine sendoff. Thanks so much Mike!

I decided right away to stay for three nights here in the park to decompress and surround myself with some clear air and lots of forest. On that account, I think that I may just bounce my way up north from park to park. Lots of friendly people and especially a lovely couple that I spent the evening with last night with them generously giving me some drinks and tasty food as well as some water and noodles and eggs and jok for the coming days. Aor and I lit about 60 tea-lights and placed them around their camp. Very splendid and just the thing for friendly alien landing zone.

They suggested that I visit Wang Nam Kheio and that's exactly where I shall to tomorrow.

There are lots of monkey around and deer as well which are basically sort of campground pests but they are very sweet. My own habit of hanging food in trees would do nothing whatsoever here as it the monkeys' domain so I keep my food in a bag just inside the vestible of my tent. I also saw a giant sized porcupine last night with quills about 8 to 10 inches long. Amazing.

Off for now. Hope everything is fine out there.

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