Thursday, January 16, 2014

near Wang Nam Kheio

Camped at an info centre which they said is free to camp. It right beside highway 304 but I have this amazing sight outside my tent window! Lovely rural ride today.


  1. 'helping to bring modern industrial civilisation to it's knees....' how many would die before the population was reduced to a number that a non modern, non industrialized civilization could support? A Hill Woman's life isn't for everyone. Brefni

    1. Hi Brefni! Thanks for commenting. Yes of course you make a good and vital point. There are many angles to this discussion that get floated around. I myself have, of course, no real answer.
      My usual response is to say that at this stage of the game our destruction of the world around us is is moving at such a pace that a deeper level of collapse from what you mention is quite possible and perhaps likely.
      I like what Derrick Jensen has to say. That to avoid this catestrophic situation it might be a good idea for us to take it down, brick by brick, ourselves in the hopes that we might be able to have some element of control in the process. My own sentiments on this are that I wish for this shift on account of my own love of humankind.
      The possibilities of other ways to live on the earth are quite varied.
      This bit that I have written is of course totally human centred. From the angle of the natural world we are in the midst of full blown disaster of which a number of scientists are calling the sixth extinction period. Something that will not covieniently leave us behind alas. This last fact is something that i feel nothing less than despair about on a pretty much daily basis. But, you know, life is still amazing and all. Cheers! Cath